12 Products For Female Beauty


Eat an avocado salad to keep your skin silky and radiant.

This fruit has a lot of calories and fats, but not at all in fat: these are monounsaturated fats, which are most useful for female beauty, without which hair splits, nails exfoliate, and the skin dries. Avocado suppresses appetite and improves mood, so it is recommended to eat in small quantities, even when dieting. Avocados have a lot of vitamin E the vitamin of youth. If you are over 35, or if your skin has suddenly become dull, grayish and dry, then start eating half an avocado at least three times a week.


A few drops of aloe juice will help restore youth.

You hardly expected that these fleshy, spiky, intolerably bitter leaves we will offer you as a meal. We do not insist on this: aloe for external use is able to work miracles, and this is verified. But in Europe, refreshing vitamin drinks based on aloe vera juice have become very popular: manufacturers say that it is a wonderful source of antioxidants, powerful support for the immune system. It provides an excellent condition for skin and hair, and thanks to its tonic effect it allows you to lose weight faster. You can do without canned aloe juice: take 2-3 drops of freshly squeezed juice before meals and after a week, feel and see the update. An important warning: aloe vera enhances cell division, so tumors and neoplasms are a contraindication to taking this product.


If the body does not have enough water, it immediately affects the appearance.

If a person lacks ordinary clean water, the metabolic rate decreases, hence the extra pounds, trouble with nails, skin, and hair, not to mention the serious health consequences. Talk to your doctor to find out how much water your body needs. Usually, it is 1-2 liters per day. It is not recommended to drink during meals, before and after. Gastroenterologists are advised to drink about 1-1.5 hours before meals and 1.5-2 hours after.


A white-toothed smile and a straight back to old age!

A glass of kefir every morning is a guarantee of good digestion and a much-needed portion of calcium for women. Cottage cheese and low-fat cheese are even more useful in this sense: calcium and phosphorus are needed in order to maintain good posture and strong white teeth until old. If you are losing weight, then cottage cheese and soft cheese are a valuable source of protein with a minimum of calories. If you have dry lips or flaky skin, you can eat 4 tablespoons of cottage cheese (normal fat content) daily and everything will pass.


We increase the density and smoothness of the skin of the face and body.

Red grapes, grape juice and even wine of a rich dark color contain a large number of antioxidants that prevent aging of the skin and strengthen the body’s defenses. In addition, this product stimulates the production of estrogen hormones responsible for female attractiveness. The combined action of antioxidants and estrogens triggers the synthesis of collagen in the skin, it becomes more elastic, even.


A product that helps to radiate positive, calm and confidence.

If you are not allergic to honey, you can fully enjoy its rejuvenating and healing properties, both externally and internally. Honey contains more than 180 active ingredients, including essential and rare vitamins, organic acids, important trace elements, and proteins. Honey is a quarter sweeter than sugar, and therefore enough spoonfuls a day to make it easier to tolerate a low-carb diet when losing weight. The same portion of honey in two weeks raises vitality, deepens sleep, calms nerves, and it is precisely the benevolent and relaxed mood that opens the woman’s inner attractiveness.


Excellent metabolism, shine in the eyes and high libido.

Why are the Japanese aging slowly and beautifully? One reason is seafood. Sea fish, crabs, mussels, shrimps, octopuses, and other seafood provide a good figure, vitality, perfect skin and hair. All thanks to special trace elements and vitamins. In particular, easily digestible iodine harmonizes the thyroid gland (and ensures a perfect metabolism), and zinc gives shine in the eyes and good libido. It is especially important to lean on seafood after 40 years for the prevention of atherosclerosis, senile dementia, and external aging.


You will have to fall in love with this gray unprepossessing porridge if you want to have thick and strong hair.

Oatmeal contains beneficial substances for blood vessels, scalp, and hair: B vitamins, vitamin A, PP, nicotinic and folic acid, iron and calcium. Thanks to them, the hair becomes less brittle, more thick, smooth and shiny. It is also effective to apply oatmeal externally in the form of a hair mask.


Clean skin, without inflammation and oily sheen.

Nuts for a figure are extremely dangerous: they are tasty and high-calorie, it is difficult to stop after the first handful. But the substances that nuts are rich in can make the skin just porcelain smooth, light and clean. So, fresh peanuts will help get rid of acne. Almonds are rich in folic acid and vitamin E, that is, they prolong youth. Walnuts are rich in vitamins A and C, necessary to give the skin radiance.


If you want to have light legs without varicose veins.

Regular use of pepper in food helps to prevent varicose veins: vitamin C and flavins do not allow the veins in the legs to expand excessively, and special substances that thin the blood makes it easier to move through the vessels.


A healthy glow and cellulite-free body.

A delicious complexion and a healthy glow will be presented by beets a champion in the number of vitamins, a leader in iodine and pectin, a pleasant calorie outsider. Beets contain a lot of iron, which is necessary for the formation of red blood cells and the supply of oxygen to all organs of the body. At the same time, betaine strengthens blood capillaries and improves blood circulation. That is why beet lovers usually have a fresh and delicate complexion, as well as a body without signs of cellulite.


Slender waist and embossed muscles.

Apples reduce fat absorption, detoxify the body, and apple polyphenol increases muscle mass and does not allow fat to accumulate around organs. Fiber, which is found in apples, causes a feeling of fullness with a small number of calories consumed. In a word, this is a product for those who want to lose weight and stay slim.