This morning after I dropped the kiddo’s off at school and daycare I was fully intending on kicking the day off with a work-out.

Not to brag or anything, but I totally worked out for 43 minutes last night.  I know, I know, it’s nothing really.

Kidding!  I’m ever-so-slowly getting back to enjoying working out this badonka-donk after more than a year of HATING even the idea of an “official” work-out.

Anyway, when I was barely able to pull into our snow filled driveway I decided to spend 45 minutes outside shoveling as today’s work-out.

Half way through the process, I looked down and remembered I still had my flowery pj’s on.


Don’t YOU drop your kids off in your pj’s?  Seriously, who has the time to fuss with actually getting dressed?  It’s this new trend I’m starting.

Besides, these pj’s were handcrafted with love by my wonderful mother-in-law, so let’s just call it what it is people: couture, yo!

In case you want to replicate this sexy outfit: grab any hat, scarf & coat combination that doesn’t match, add UGG boots of any color, don’t shower or put on deodorant and bam!  Your look is complete.

You too, can be an untamable sexy beast, just. like. me.  You too, can continue to change the face of sexy.

So. If you haven’t yet, go out there today and do something –anything really– that gets you moving…even if it’s only 15 kegels.  Hey, you gotta start somewhere right?!

My work-out motto this year is: is: “Screw 2012, I’m getting ready for 2021.”

While shoveling, heart-racing, back-aching I was dreaming of starting a “screw 2012” blog-hop…maybe even t-shirts.

Some of us, (ahem, me) will do ANYTHING in the world to try to stay motivated to work-out and be healthy including –but not limited to– trying to drag as many people as possible along for the ride.

Another day, another sweat.


Tell me bleeps, what’s your get-sweaty plan for today?  OR what can you plan for tomorrow or Saturday?

  • Trice

    I was dressed for the GYM in a snow storm on my way to school.. AND ACCIDENTS SLOWED TRAFFIC so i texted the hubby and ask him if he minds me staying after to get my work out in. I am on day 3 of 5 that I need to work out this week. I am so happy and sore from my shoulders to my ankles. Shoob even asked me did I need some help while I was on the floor dying doing an ab workout yesterday. I am committed. I also am not changing my FB profile picture until i am in those jeans again. It could take a while but I am up for it!!! My little things to motivate me are that picture and not being able to change it, and the fact that my 61 year old momma can do more yoga moves than I can. I am a MESS!

    • Grace

      hahahahaha… yeah, I saw that yesterday about the FB profile pic. How many sizes would you have to drop to get in those jeans? Now, I’m not trying to hate on your plan or anything, but sometimes trying to get down to fitting certain jeans has been really hard on me, and ended up making me feel like a loser, and want to give up easier…. just my .2 cents. If you find that THAT goal in particular is weighing on you (no pun intended) I think you should switch it to something else. I try to avoid size goals myself, but know what works 4 ya!

      That is so funny about Shoob… last night I did the video with the boys around and R1 was dancing along, it was so super cute.

      GOOD JOB, P!!!!!! I am so proud of you for getting going…it motivates me too, so that I don’t feel like I’m getting left behind while all my friends are getting cute and healthy….(and fitting smaller jeans) =)

  • Sara

    I’ll be doing a cardio dance class tomorrow and then a foam roller class. I can’t seem to get too motivated on my own. Right now I need the group pressure to keep me going along with the wonderful leaders. I love the outfit, Grace!!! I also like the idea that R1 is moving right along with you when you exercise.

    • Grace

      Sara, mmmm, the foam roller class sounds interesting. I think it’s great that you keep going to classes and that you have so many varied ones so that you don’t get bored. This is what I’m appreciating right now about all the different videos.

  • Trice

    Well it would be three sizes. But that equates to like 30 lbs if I were being honest. I dont know how the math works but my goal is to do it by August so I’m bein very realistic. For now I’m just trying to make exercise a habit.

    • Grace

      Yeah, your right, 30ish pounds by Aug is very realistic…I’ve read that 1-2 pounds a week is the most ideal weight loss, and you would be so much less likely to gain back…same for me.

      Yay, P! I’m so proud of you and let’s keep encouraging one another b/c at some point one of us is going to be totally down in the dumps about progress!

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