Part 2 of my photography lessons up at camp.  Today’s post features my best shots of R1, not including yesterday’s…

The 1st day we ventured out, it was a little balmy, a little grey and a lot green.

I got about eight more pics of R1 on the dock so I’ll spare you.  I just love them.  I love all the colors and contrast with his sweet little face so continuously thoughtful.

This next set is in black and white because I couldn’t quite figure out how to edit it with the water & sky looking so, well, drab.

Is it just me or are black-and-white images the great neutralizer?

I loved taking pics of the boys in their element…

…Ran was so focused on his fun he didn’t even care I was all paparazzi up in this mug…

I love the pic below.

This is Ran.

He keeps a watchful eye over his baby brother at all times…

In exchange for many pics, I let them trudge through the water…

…they were happy about it.

I’ll accept my Mom-of-the-Year award now, thank-you-very-much.

The cuteness factor!

He walks on water!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the picture below.  This is my framed shot fa sho! =)

All the rest…

Tomorrow: best of R2!

I’m linking up this week with Simple as That ~ you should too! =)


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  • Sara

    Your pictures are so good! They really capture the joy the boys felt when they were on the beach. The first day we were at camp Ransom told me he didn’t know how he could stand being there all week without TV, etc. Then the next day we went exploring on the beach; finding shells, climbing rocks, etc. and he said camp was the best place ever!!

    • Grace

      Sara, I agree. He was so worried about not watching enough but he’s most at peace when he’s outside, and same for Rhys. I think his attitude in the beginning is a reflection of his being in school this year (tired getting home and wanting to watch tv after homework) and the fact that it’s nearly summer and he just needs to get out more. I have a feeling we are going to be outside A LOT this summer!!! They did have a GREAT TIME in that water…non stop laughter for about an hour. =)