netizen |ˈnetəzən|
a user of the Internet, esp. a habitual or avid one.


1. My HOMEY, Micah talking about how he changed his mind regarding the “evils” of Black Friday inspired a great deal by this post explaining the upsides of Black Friday.  Love.

2. The black musician who befriends KKK members & keeps their white linens after they give up their hate.  He’s a better human than me.

3. An article about how a black college student was tortured in his dorm room at college but also how blacks aren’t safe anywhere.  I resonate deeply with this post. I’ve been a hot mess of fear and anger later regarding my African-American heritage.

4. Natural hair wearer?  Here’s a helpful list of how to care for your hair during the winter.

5. A POWERFUL ad campaign by Amnesty International showing the awful consequences of war and violence.

6. Has urban ministry become a new symbol for the Church?  Well, dang.  Well thought post by Osheta Moore.

As I mentioned in my last post, I’ve been really goin’ through, y’all.  I tend to turn inward and if things are really bad, I stop reading other blogs all together.  As a heavy empathizer I can’t emotionally afford to wade through whatever the writer might also be weathering.  That said, I’m planning to be much more intentional to feature other voices here, to share more generously and read more widely.  Things are lookin’ up.  Thank you for your prayers and support over the past few weeks. It has meant SO much to me!

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w640 Lions, Tigers, Red Wings & Pistons –Oh my. 8,750 sq. ft. mural in Detroit by Kobie Solomon




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