You know what just makes this heart go pitter-patter?

You, yep, you.  My bloggy friends.  You all make me smile, dear readers because  I really like to blog, y’all.  (Um, can you tell)?  I don’t think I’d enjoy blogging much if no one was reading.

Sooooooo, I’m going to take part in something redonkulously crazy: a daily post for 2011 sponsored by WordPress.  Even if it’s short & sweet.  Maybe this will help me get to the point, eh?

Here’s where YOU come in:

I like to call my gabbingwithgrace readers one thing:  blurkers.  Y’all are the biggest blog lurkers on the interwebs! =)  I have met so many people who say, “I love your blog,” & I’m all like, ‘woah, you read my blog?’ And then their all like, “yeah, I lurk.”  If I had a penny for every lurker…

I decided to do a little research on my blog stats today and found out that I have 1 reader each in the following countries: The UK, Netherlands, Philippines, Kenya, Jamaica, Croatia, Dominican Republic, Indonesia and Spain.  I have 2 readers in Nigeria, 6 in Canada & 440 in the US!

Now, here’s the thing, my beloved blurkers I’m longing for your comments like a little girl panders after Justin Beiber.  Apparently, it\’s really important for a blog to get comments.

Perhaps, I’ve not let you know how to do it & just how easy it is.

  1. Whether you are reading this in a feed reader, an email message, or a syndicated blog post somewhere, click here to get to the post.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and follow the directions to add a comment.
  3. Type in your real 1st name -or alias- so I and others know who you are.
  4. Type in your real email address so I can email you privately, thanking you for de-lurking.
  5. Type in your blog address, or your corporate website, or maybe your Facebook page. Somewhere where I and others can click your name (your web link will be linked to your name) and read more about you.
  6. Type in your Twitter id, if you have one.
  7. Type in whatever text you want, e.g. how long you’ve been reading, where you live in the world, what you do for a living, etc. Pretend we met at a bookstore and you’re introducing yourself to the world.
  8. If you want to read subsequent comments of other people, you need to check the applicable box under the text box to receive emailed updates. I click this box on every blog I comment on.

So, PLEASE I’M BEGGING YOU comment today!  Share something about yourself both for me and my blog readers & blurkers to enjoy.

My pledge to you?  A daily post for 2011. I’d love to “see you around,” more often.  Because I love y’all mugs…blurking and all.

Once I reach 50 comments, (not including my replies) I’ll randomly select a winner for a $25 Home Goods gift card! This is not a sponsored post.  It’s just little old me trying to encourage my community to interact and make my little spot on the web a fun community to be in. =)

Please don’t be shy. Care to de-blurk now?


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