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“I Don’t Like Black People”

Last Sunday, I took my boys to our new black Church.  When we pulled into the parking lot, Ransom (8.5) sighed. "Ugh. Mama, I don't want to go this one.  I wanted to go to Daddy's (white) Church!" Rhysie (4.5), of course, followed suit.  "Yeah, Mama.  I didn't want to go to this one." I lug them out of the car, pontificating about having a good attitude and being thankful for all things blah … [Read More...]


Why I’m Leaving the White Church for the Black One.

A few years ago, I worked for InterVarsity Christian Fellowship as a Regional Black Campus Ministries Coordinator.  That meant I was in charge of overseeing all of IV's black chapters, black staff & non-black staff working with black students in MI, OH, W. VA & Western PA.  I'd been doing work with black students specifically -by request and calling- for over 10 years before I stepped into … [Read More...]

grace is messy

grace is messy

Allow me to talk around my mess if I may... A few years ago, a best friend of mine who I adore & love like a sister, was in a hot, triflin' mess.  Not the pretend kind that bloggers sometimes ramble on about in which their seemingly perfect children and marriages hit a bitty snag in an … [Read More...]


Write Through the Abyss or Buy An Area Rug

Yes, my insta feed, twitter feed & FB feed was all abuzz from my time at the #FFWgr.  At the Festival of Faith & Writers, I was entirely inspired, convicted, guilt-ridden to begin writing consistently again. Let's just keep it real, y'all: 75% of the reason I went to FFW was Annie Lamott.  … [Read More...]


When Christian Women Cheat or Kinda Sorta Want To

***I wrote this 3 months ago.  But, it's still relevant, every bit.*** It's hard to write this, I'll admit it.  I wrote an article about, um, yeah, cheating that was recently published in the book, Talking Tab0o: American Christian Women Get Frank about Faith.  We wanted to answer the question: … [Read More...]

sad selfies


Lord, may I be willing to love. Let me be willing to sacrifice, truly sacrifice for others. Make me willing to set down my false self. Make me willing to see myself: the despicable and the beautiful. Let me be willing to own each and every loved nook and cranny. Make me willing to to … [Read More...]

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If King Wrote Us a Letter Today

My friend, Micha asked me to guest post on what King's response may be how his dream is (or isn't) playing out as a part of a larger Patheos project to address … [Read More...]


Started From the Bottom Now We Here {or my meeting with Dave Ramsey}

It started here: 20 Things the Rich Do Every Day, an article posted to Dave Ramsey's website.  There was a big bru-ha-ha surrounding the article, enough so Dave … [Read More...]


Looking For Someone Looking Like Me-ish

I'm reading a great book right now. Great writing, great story, great woman. (I'll eventually review her book so I don't want to mention who it is at this … [Read More...]


All That Is Certain…Just Like Winter

There's much to say...therefore I'll keep this short. There's much heavy.  So heavy I don't even if know if I can organize my thoughts properly under the … [Read More...]

black woman chair

What Are You Supposed To Tell Your Sons About the Black Woman Chair?

When an international magazine editor sits down on a chair called "the black woman chair," for an editorial magazine... ...heads are scratched. Pearls are … [Read More...]



I've been thinking about this idea of bravery for the past few days.  It's interesting isn't it, that you can be very, very brave in one minute and in the next … [Read More...]


The Couch Fight with Annie & Brennan

I am super quick to dog myself out.  It's not brilliant humility -so I've learned- but actually an unhealthy form of narcissism in which one focuses intensely … [Read More...]


My 2014 One Word Makes Me Feel Like Lightning McQueen

I've been praying for a couple of weeks for the Lord to give me a word to focus on for 2014. All right, womp womp womp I'll admit it: I picked the word … [Read More...]

Little Girl


Last week a friend died.  She wasn't someone I'd known for a long time, in fact, I'd only known her a week.  One week.  But she made an impression.  She was … [Read More...]

37 birthday pearls

37 Birthday Pearls

Today, I am 37.  How woefully late thirties of me.  Last year I wrote 36 Birthday Pearls.  This year I decided to repost & add one new pearl of wisdom I've … [Read More...]