My Instagram(ed) life…

I’m going through this study with 30 other ladies from my Church this summer.

So far SO GOOD.  If you want to pick up your own copy and do it with me let me know!  I’d happily incorporate some content here.

We had two really fun days of hanging out in the sun before it got cold…again.  I could kill Michigan.

We headed out to a Memorial Day parade last week.  This may seem odd –probably because it is— but the kids had the most fun running around the cemetery where the parade ended at.

Memorial Day was HOT!

I’m thinking of repainting R1′s vintage desk black.  (Just the parts that are now of a off-white rusty variety).  Any thoughts?  I found it on Craigslist last year for $40.  I just love it.  It weighs 500 pounds but it’s a beauty!

I read this while at the park last week while hanging out with the fam.  It felt like a picture perfect moment.

All the other pics on the interwebs that caught my fancy this week…



I love cute dogs.

Oh Patrick Swayze, you made me love the 80′s!

How. Much. I. Love. These. Two.

Hope you have a FAB weekend, peeps!

Later gators…


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