lets sit and talkWith trembling fingers, a genuine sheepish mindset, a hunger for my dreams & an unexpected excitement I am cordially inviting you to meet with me one-on-one for 1 hr. long, pay-what-you-can discipleship, training or coaching sessions.

For 16 years, I have discipled, taught, trained and mentored many, many college students in my work as a Campus Minister.

Influencing & inspiring others are my favorites.

When I left my “official” ministry last year, I hoped I’d eventually be able to disciple, teach & train in other contexts because using those gifts makes my heart come alive.  I’d always have a space for writing as long as papyrus & pen, the internet & keyboards exist.  But less obvious was how I’d disciple, teach, train, coach & mentor.

Well, I have been praying, dreaming, reading & seeking counsel.

I have a dream of starting an online magazine which focuses on Christian discipleship, teaching & training the reader.  Of course, a large aspect of that site will be the natural segway for me to take on clients interested in the personal attention of a discipler, teacher, trainer & mentor in the same way I was able to do so on campuses for many years.

I’ve decided to put the cart before the horse in some ways because…

a) It’s my dream & I suppose I can order it however I want, eh?
b) There’s a time to sit around & mind-map dreams & there’s a time to act! Risk! Free fall!
c) I have to start something, somewhere.

While I have dreamed of taking on clients for months, I haven’t had the time & energy to do so.  As I mentioned yesterday, my employment with the Foundation I was working full-time has ended.  I have been unemployed for 4 days now.

Now, it seems I have all the time in the world.  Of course, that’s not true, but I’ve decided to make time for is to MAKE A WAY  to use the gifts and skills God has given me as a relationally savvy teacher, trainer, coach & mentor.


I have references of course, which you can request if you’d like.  Because my transition from employment to unemployment has been somewhat abrupt, I’m diving in to this head first.  I haven’t gathered my testimonials yet, but I am working on it!  Below is a small reunion of a few students (now grown adults with families & such) who I was able to invest in deeply over the years.  (Check out my son, Ransoms face! He’s in the middle, standing in front of me).

my entrusted cbc family

I worked for several years with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship who provides hands-down the BEST ongoing training to keep it’s staff relevant and informed on all manner of issues.  I have been formally trained in how to coach, disciple & mentor and was able to practice those gifts professionally for 12 years.

I am currently mentoring a young woman (who hopefully will agree to write a testimonial after I ask =).


My favorite things to do in one-on-one meetings is book studies through an identified problem area or desire for growth.  For example, the woman I currently mentor & I are reading through John Maxwell’s 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth.

The specific areas I have been trained in and have a great deal of experience in are: how to study & apply the Scripture, prayer, spiritual formation, growing communities, leadership development, self-leadership, evangelism, whole life stewardship, ethnic reconciliation, social justice.

Often though, I’m best working in-the-moment to identify & diagnose the best ways to help a person grow spiritually or otherwise.

What I’m not trying to cover: social media, blogging, writing, photography, fashion, marriage, parenting or storytelling.

While I love -in fact, adore- all of those things, they are simply not in my expertise.  However, if you came to me and said “I’d like to grow in who I am as I parent my kids,” I could help.  As a Mama myself, I’d love to work through a helpful parenting book with you!


~ I’d like to meet with you if you are someone who needs & desires to grow in key areas but you lack any sort of teacher or mentor around you who can help equip you.  There seems to be a LARGE & somewhat disturbing gap in the  availability of trained disciples, mentors and coach to raise up the next generation.  I’m extremely passionate about remedying that.

~ I’d like to meet with you if you resonate with things I’ve written and you’d like to explore more with me…racial reconciliation, etc. {For example: I get several emails regarding my being an adult survivor of childhood sexual abuse and the implications of that on my adult life.  When I speak on this issue I often spend between 1-3 hours speaking with women afterwards.  I am not a counselor, but I know how to love the wounded, I’ve worked through several years of counseling myself & I am privy to resources and counsel that help others recover from these wounds}.

~ I’d like to meet with you if you are someone interested in leadership, growth, ministry or your next step.  Adding to that strategy & accountability can be a kick-butt combo.

~ I’d like to meet with you if you have never considered your personal growth or never been personally invested in, mentored or discipled in the basics.


For now, you decide.  Since I’m very new to this world of online consulting & taking on clients I’m not ready to declare my rate.  I’d like to take on as many clients as I can for the next two weeks on a pay-what-you-can basis as I hammer out the details, maybe create a webpage & get the beginnings of my little company set up.

In two weeks, I’ll set an hourly rate.


No, no, & no.  I’m relationally savvy with everyone, Dahling. =)


For ample oompf I’d like to set up 3 meetings at a time.  If you’d just like to do 1, I’m cool with that too!

If you are interested, send an email to gbiskie at gmail dot com with the following information:

-Phone Number
-Preferred Method of meeting: Skype (video or just audio) Google chat, Google hang-out, phone session, email, etc.
-What you would like to be mentored, coached or trained in, or tell me if you don’t know but just have a feeling you should do this.
-Availability for the next two weeks in 3 different time chunks.

We’ll set up 1-3 appointments & you can pay whatever-you-can via my paypal account (gbiskie at gmail dot com) before our 1st appointment.

If we meet & it turns out you hate me & feel you have nothing to learn I’ll refund you.  Because I’m. That. Awesome.

So.  Let’s gab with all sorts of God’s grace.  Email me: gbiskie @ gmail dot com.  Excited!

Do you have any experience with this type of thing?  What type of things would you love to have someone to talk to about?  What would make you want, or not want to do something like this?  Thoughts?  Ideas? 

If you anyone in mind who you think would benefit from meeting with me, please pass it on & don’t forget to share on your networks.  A hearty thanks, friends!



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