I’ve been praying for a couple of weeks for the Lord to give me a word to focus on for 2014. All right, womp womp womp I’ll admit it: I picked the word Establish for 2013 & tapered off about 1/2 way through the year.  Would it make you feel any better if I told you my 2013 one word HAUNTED ME? No?  Well, it should.  Even when I wasn’t actively blogging my #oneword progress the questions lurked in my brain folds, how are you doing at establishing ‘ish?  Even though I don’t feel like I did very well at it, I found it be a useful exercise.

One thing I did manage to establish in 2013 was chaos.  My 2013 mistakes were pretty much epic.  This does not belittle my 2013 victories, in fact I’m dreaming up a what-I-learned-and-celebrated-in-2013 blog post, yet I struggled. I struggled. I struggle.

Establish + repair fit quite nicely, like a puzzle piece.  I need to repair everything I didn’t establish or even maintain.  Sigh.  It’s been a little sad to consider this.  It feels like I’m losing a year of my life.  This year could have been “build,” to build UP on top of all that I’d established in 2013 instead it’s repairing.   It’s GOING BACK to lay that foundation AGAIN.  Mo fo again! GAH! I feel like Lighting McQueen going back to fix that road AGAIN after doing a piss poor job the first time.

Yet. Here I am.  Here I am. What am I going to do ignore what needs afixin’?  I have no choice but to repair.  I PRAY TO GOD my 2015 word will be along the lines of “beautiful,” or “build” or “expand” but until then brick-by-brick I’ll work to repair all that I’ve lost one way or another.

You can learn more about the One Word 365 community here.  I’ll be reporting on my #OneWord365 the first Monday of every month and inviting you to share your link through a blog hop.

So.  Have you chosen a #OneWord365? Wanna join in & write about it the 1st Monday of every month? You know you wanna!

Linky blog hop tool thing coming this Monday! Would love to hear what you #OneWord365 is!


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