In early December I started mulling over the one word I would focus on for 2013.  I haven’t done this an official way before though in this past year God was speaking to me so clearly through the idea of “making me new.” The idea that newness was coming gave me courage to push through, not settle for janky living, not lose hope.

For 2013, as I prayed I believe the Lord led me to the word: Establish.  I’m praying this year is about establishing new habits, establishing our home, establishing our marriage, establishing new parenting skills, establishing our finances, establishing ourselves.  Establishing something is laying root, giving foundation to that which is new.  My year of establishment is building on all that God has wonderfully resurrected in me in these past few years.

Establishing, root laying, digging out a basement, foundation laying, etc. they all happen beneath the surface.  As I ponder this word, I am keenly aware that what God is calling me to this year is preparatory in nature.  It’s prep work, it’s the hard labor, it’s the foundation of the house that only He can build.

May the favor of the Lord our God rest on us;

establish the work of our hands for us-

yes, establish the work of our hands.

~Psalms 90:17

Establishing is not the exciting stuff, the flash in the pan stuff, nor the adventurous stuff.  (i.e. the totally lame stuff)  Establishing something -painstaking as it can be- is what provides long-term sustainability.  Long-term health, growth & peace.  That’s what I need, and that’s what this little family of mine needs: a good foundation to build on.

I suspect everything about the pursuit of establishment is going to feel just a little bit icky, a little bit off, a little bit scary.  This is I know, if in a year from now all my “big rocks” are in a healthy, established, thriving place I’ll be truly ready for whatever is next.

Tell me, peeps do you have a word you’re milling over for 2013?  If you want to learn more about it, go check out #OneWord365 or @oneword365 over on Twitter.  Sit. Think. Dwell.  Get your word for 2013.  You deserve it.  If you have it, please share it here!

  • jayniepatricia

    The One Word God suggested for me is Love. My first thought was “Sheesh, that’s too easy/obvious.” But He told me that while it’s easy for me to love others and that I’ve really blossomed in that call, my new call is to Love Him better and to Love myself. To let Him woo me and fall in love with Him again, and to show the same grace to myself that I shower so freely on everyone else. It’s going to be an interesting year!

    • Grace Sandra

      Jaynie, hahahhaha I sometimes find myself complaining to God as well…like “God can’t my word be “glitz” or “glam” ahahahaha. =) but, seriously, I LOVE what your word means to you…it’s doggone hard to love yourself sometimes….harder on a consistent basis then loving others (in my humble opinion)…and on top of that to allow God to lavish as well…it can be a real challenge. I hope and pray it’s an interesting, love filled year for you!!! ((hugs of love)) =)

  • targetshopper

    I LOVE this Grace and the passage you’ve included is inspiring and must bring some rest and yet, motivation in moving forward with His favor. I have a couple of friends that have necklaces with their word…here…held… and think you should look for one (lisa leonard or etsy) with establish! :) This post has made me want to think and pray harder for a word. I have an idea but we’ll see what the Lord says. Great post! I’ll be praying for you as the establishing begins! Love you!

    • Grace Sandra

      targetshopper, you just made my whole day by commenting on my blog! =) Yes, I do feel like you said…that the whole idea of establishing my ‘ish is really from the Lord and part of the rest He wants to bring us into but that I HAVE to participate in laying a good foundation. I will look into that Lisa Leonard thing, e’rybody & they Mama keeps bringing her up! She must be good! anyway, thank you for your prayers, you of all people, know that I am going to need it, especially in the establishing the house department. Looking forward to seeing your post on solidifying your life!!

  • Christy Baca

    My one word is GRACE. The one thing I struggle to give myself & those closest to me. I look forward to growing through the word to learn how to be more gracious.

    • Grace Sandra

      Grace? What a fabulous word? lol. It sounds like this will also be a year of feeling tested for you too! May God’s grace rest on you abundantly in 2013!!!!

  • Missindeedy

    One particular line you wrote up there just zinged right into my heart, for me, as well. “I am keenly aware that what God is calling me to this year is preparatory in nature…” Oh yes indeed! That is brilliant. As I seek to be Intentional in all that I do this year, I will be keeping that one line firmly in my mind. I pray that God helps you Establish more than you can ask or imagine this year!

    • Grace Sandra

      Thank you!! It’s good for me to get myself all up in that mindset!!!! Less whining later, ya know?? lol Thank you for your prayer & I pray the same for you. I pray you will have a blessed year!!!

  • Cindy


    • Grace Sandra

      lovely, Cindy!!!

  • Katherine Willis Pershey

    This is lovely. Thank you. And blessings as you establish the heck out of 2013. :)

    • Grace Sandra

      why thank you! Have a wonderful year yourself & thanks for commenting!!! =)

  • Elise Lockamy

    I’ve got “restoration” and “honor” for this year. Saw a tweet from my boy Joel Osteen earlier that reminded me that when God restores you actually receive more thank what you had before. I am excited for 2013… and oh so ready!

    • Grace Sandra

      Elise, that’s an interesting thing Joel said….I can feel that for sure in my own life. Those are both great words to focus on. blessings!!!

  • Adele Henderson

    My word is resilient. Already in the first week of the new year several things have occured that tested my ability keep moving rather than caving in and feeling defeated. So because of thoese event in just one week my word is to be resilient in 2013,

    • Grace Sandra

      Resilient is such a phenomenal word to deal with all that life throws out…good for you! May it be a year that you don’t have to be *that* resilient! =)

      • Adele Henderson

        Thank you Grace. Sadly to say this week has not faired much better but I am goign to keep moving forward. :)

  • ThaunaK

    Establish! I love it!! My word is Adventure…but more than just my adventure to Italy in 2013. Adventuring out of my box, out of my limits, beyond my horizon. Here’s to a fun year!!

    • Grace Sandra

      Your trip to Italy is such a fantastic way to kick off a year of adventure. I’m so glad you are going to get some time away!!! Here, here, Thauna! xo

  • Peter DeHaan

    My word is simplify. I want to strip away the marginal and scale back on the good so I can focus on the best.

    • Grace Sandra

      Peter, that is a great word & such a wonderful concept. It is something I often really struggle with…knowing what is merely “good” & what is best. I tend toward thinking everything is best, which of course leads me to doing too much…I’m always guilty of that. Maybe I can borrow your word sometimes this year? =)

  • Alison

    Mine is “community,” Grace. I’m blogging on it tomorrow!

    • Grace Sandra

      Alison, LOVE it. Desperately needed! Did you blog it? If you did, come back & leave the link so me & my bloggy friends can come read your post!

  • My One Word

    ESTABLISH is a great word choice! And I love the photo of you with your 2013 word. You can also post your one word at

    You might want to check out the new book MY ONE WORD: CHANGE YOUR LIFE WITH JUST ONE WORD.

    Happy New Year!

    • Grace Sandra

      thank you for the link post, I sure will!! and I will also check out the book! blessings on your New Year!

      • My One Word

        Blessings to you too, Grace!

  • Allison W

    For one, I have been meaning to tell you that I think you are alented writer. I love the way you write and this blog! I read your blog every now and then, and each time I do, I am either laughing or provoked to some probably much needed time spent in deeeeeeeeeeep thought, LOL and this time is no different. I am not sure of your goals as far as your writing goes, but I pray that you are granted the desires of your heart, and at the very least, continue on with this blog, as entetaining as I think it is :) I have already shared/recommended this post and have been praying for my one word. I am not sure what it is yet (although I hope Jesus tells me soon…this year is already flying by!), but I am thinking it could be “new” or “newness”. It didn’t really register that it is in the very first line of this post until I re-read it just now after praying for my word, and it resonated in my heart a little more. I wanna keep praying, though, for confirmation. Anyway, I’ve gone on long enough, but I am praying for your year of establishment and your “little family” as well. Happy new year!

    ~Allison Walker

    • Grace Sandra


      Thank you for your kind words, Allison! It means a lot coming from you, since I know you in real life!! Perhaps your word is “new” or “newness” I’ll say a prayer for your right now that God will lead you to it! Thank you for your prayers as well. I really do hope and pray that so much more is established in 2013! Love and hugs & blessings to you, sis!

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  • csemvlkx

    My One Word for 2013

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