Ladies, we need to stop hating on celebs who bounce back at the expected 6-12 weeks postpartum.

I’ve blogged many’o'days on my struggles with obesity, so you can’t hit me with the “well-that’s-easy-for-you-to-say-little-miss-skinny!”

I assure you, at 5 6′ and 170 pounds of fun, I am no miss skinny.  I am 18 months post-baby and still hanging on to every pound + 10.

Okay, now that you can trust me…

It’s kind of annoying to read womens comments all over the interwebs hating on celebs like Miranda Kerr & Heidi Klum who “miraculously” bounced back to perfect sizes 0-2 a mere six weeks postpartum.

Super-model, Miranda Kerr (shown here) is about 8 weeks postpartum after having cute little Flynn with cute little Orlando Bloom.

The haters go on to say childish things like, “well, if I had millions of dollars of course I’d be able to lose all my baby weight too!”


“Well, if I could just hire a personal trainer I’d lose all my baby weight in six weeks too!”

Here’s the thing.  No. You. Wouldn’t.  Not unless you were a supermodel -ala Miss Miranda, Heidi & Gisele- or were otherwise paid millions of to show off that rockin’ bod.

One only does what one really wants to do.  One will lose the post-baby weight if one wants to.

The sad, sucky truth is that most of us don’t want to. Enough. =(

We’d rather loathe about about how other women “do it so easily.”

The truth is: it’s not hard to lose the baby weight IF you start your pregnancy off at your ideal weight, work-out and eat healthy through-out the pregnancy.  Combine that with a postpartum healthy diet, light work-out & breastfeeding and it’s no miracle when you wind up looking *gasp* the exact same as you did when you got knocked up.

Case in point.  Examine with me, the pregnancy stats of my carrying R1:

  • I was a healthy 145 for my height (5 6′). I’d been running, working out & active before he was conceived.
  • Throughout the entire pregnancy -including the day I gave birth- I worked out 5-6 days a week combining cardio with light weight training, 50-100 crunches a day and a 15 minute relaxation technique + stretching.
  • I ate fairly healthy throughout.
  • On R1\’s labor day, I felt awesome, empowered.  I was healthy and strong & I knew it.
  • One week postpartum, I began doing light work-outs and ate reasonably + the bonus 500 calories per day burned through breastfeeding.
  • On the day R1 turned 6-weeks old, I was back down to 145.  When he was 12 weeks old, I was down to 140 very little effort.

Lest you think I’m a saint, let’s relive the preggo journey of R2:

  • I began at a less-than-healthy 155.  Not quite overweight but pushing it.
  • I worked out…. um, once or twice.
  • I ate…. um, whatever I wanted.
  • On R2\’s labor day, I felt scared, not so empowered.
  • Post-baby, I began working out again…. well, I hope to start tomorrow!
  • And now…. I am 15 pounds heavier than when I conceived Rhysie and feel like a plump, chunky giant.

It’s not rocket science people.

Miranda, Heidi & Gisele are just women who are all ready living a healthy life-style, and maintained that healthy life style throughout their pregnancy’s.  It’s no miracle and it’s certainly nothing to hate on or be jealous of.

I’m hoping it makes you & I want to get off our tush.  And no, not to look good, but to be healthy, to live a long life and enjoy these babies God has so graciously gifted us with.

We have to ask ourselves: do we really want to experience the benefits of a healthy lifestyle whether or not our body ends up looking like that of Gisele’s?

When I try to get my behind in shape I always tell myself that it doesn’t matter what my body looks like or how it takes shape.  What matters is that I am eating healthy for mental stamina and long life, and working out for peace of mind, for long life, to set an example to my kiddos and to give me energy!

Look.  We all know this.  We all know there are AT LEAST 10 REALLY GOOD reasons to work out regardless of fitting into that size 6 again.

That’s what matters!

So, tell me, do you make an effort to eat healthy or work-out for the right reasons?  Do you make an effort at all?  Any motivating tips you’d like to share with us slackers? =)


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