Every year, across the world 287,000 women die in pregnancy and childbirth. If that seems fairly high to you, it is. That’s one death every 2 minutes, 800 times a day across our globe.  These unborn souls need traveling mercies if anyone has ever needed it.

Alemi, on the right is 25.  She lost her first two babies in the final trimester of her pregnancies. ::::Deep, sad sigh::::  She came to the Maternity Worldwide Health Clinic at 29 weeks with dangerously high blood pressure.  After a week, Alemi’s liver began to fail among other issues.  Alemi’s baby girl was delivered c-section.  Even though she weighed just 3 pounds the little munchkin was healthy enough to breastfeed at 10 days old and eventually went home with her proud parents.

Without Maternity Worldwide volunteers she wouldn’t have been able to afford ultrasounds, medical treatment nor transportation to a hospital and would have likely lost her 3rd (3rd trimester) pregnancy. As a Mama with one miscarriage and two healthy deliveries I can hardly imagine being in Alemi’s position.

The heartbreak women in places like Sub-Saharan Africa consistently face are unimaginable, yet they long to deliver healthy babies just the same as we do without fear, complications and death.  I’m so thankful for organizations like Maternity Worldwide who believe that no woman should live in fear or die giving birth no matter where she lives.

Maternity Worldwide is a charity that provides communities with maternal health information, empowers women with business opportunities, improves access to health centers and hospitals, trains local midwives & Doctors and provides equipment and resources to help hospitals enable women to give birth safely.

I feel absolutely honored to invite my readers to consider joining me in giving a $15 Christmas gift to a birthing mother.  If your anything like me, you could blow through that much at fast food joints in a week or less.  Let’s all be proactive to give an actual life altering gift that lasts far beyond a Venti Peppermint Latte or three.  These little ones & their loving Mama’s need traveling mercies to get a start on life.

Please consider a $15 traveling mercies Christmas gift to save a life.  Another option is to order Christmas cards (pictured left) with all profits going directly to save lives in Childbirth. (M.W. is a London-based charity so your gifts will first appear in Pounds and change to Dollars in checkout).

You can read more about Maternity Worldwide and their work in 11 developing countries here.


This is not a sponsored post.  This post is a part of my work with the a highly specialized group of members of Mom Bloggers for Social Good that concentrates on issues involving women and girls, children, world hunger and maternal health.

May traveling mercies be yours, ladies.



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