For all my life, for one reason or another -often many reasons- I’ve never been able to align or agree with any Feminists on enough issues to want to identify myself as one.  A few weeks ago, I was trying to figure this out and put pen to paper to do so.  This is the beginnings of what I came up.  I don’t pretend to know all the issues and I’m not a deep theologian type but I know to my core what I believe in and what I’m willing to fight & die for.  So.  If your interested, today I’m writing over at one of the sites where I contribute monthly,  A Deeper Story on why I respectfully decline on Feminism.



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In the last few weeks, three people have mistaken me as feminist.  But here’s the rub: I’m not.  Never have been, never said I was.  Ashamedly, long ago, I used to go around bold and brazen in my annoyance and even hatred of feminism.  As a young whipper snapper, I had an early aversion to feminism. What I thought feminists were? White, whiny, weak, complainers, bitching about making a dollar less per hr. than white men. Boo freaking hoo.   I repulsed of Feminists.  This was pre-Jesus-in-my-heart.  Also,  I was a petulant, angry, little teen-ager.

Now, a lot of people assume I’m a feminist and I can see why.  I’m educated –at least half a Masters of Divinity under my belt, post-modern, outspoken about women’s rights & I worked in ministry for years as a leader, teacher, preacher (yes, over men) & an outspoken advocate of women.  I’m in an Egalitarian marriage, etc.

But before I was annoyed at white women by the ripe age of 14, a lot of other things happened…


You can read the rest of this post over at A Deeper Story…


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