My world shattered the first time I chose sex.

I was fourteen, still a little person, barely 100 pounds.

My world didn’t shatter because the God of heaven rained down tears of anger over my pre-marital sex, cut me out of our personal relationship or decided to never use me again. That’s what I thought God was supposed to do when a little girl throws off her special invisible virginity cloak.

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In other G-Bisk news….

Allow me to humble-brag? I wrote a post for my Patheos blog that’s been shared over 8,000 times, which I’m pretty sure my most shared post ever.  It’s about Why I hate the images from Kabul & Syria to Boston #WithLove.

In response to a post a white woman wrote about why she married a black dude, I wrote Why I Married White Dude.

Over at my friend, Jenn’s blog I wrote about

Potentially Craziest but Supa Rad Idea…

I’m launching a Discipleship Coaching business where I’m inviting YOU gab with me for 1 on 1, pay-whatever-you-can sessions.  I’ve completed 3 beginning sessions & it’s been a real joy.  Come join us!  Email me at gbiskie at gmail dot com if you’re interested.

If this feels like a good fit I plan to keep going!  In a week or two, I’ll set hourly rates, so get in while you can at pay-whatever-you’d-like. =)

In My Clustered Head…

In some ways, dear blogging friends, my head is spinning.  Reeling may be a better word.  Tomorrow makes two weeks that I’ve been unemployed.  I’ve been working like mad trying to find other work, working on a book project with a firm deadline, launching this new coaching business, the aforementioned writing & planning for a new multi-writer blog I’ll be launching in the next 10 weeks.

You know that phrase “Do it Scared.”  Pretty all true.  I’m terrified.  But, I’m pushing through because I believe in the vision of what I’m attempting to accomplish.  I just got off the phone with to help me lay plans for the new blog launch & tomorrow I’m chatting it up with a coaching guru so that I can make this coaching gig both quality & sustainable.

There’s a time for everything.  Now is the time to believe in myself.  Online, I have lots of people who say “rah rah, Grace!  I’m behind you!  Follow your dreams! I believe in you!  You can do this!  Go for it!”

In real life: one.  Just my one friend, Cindy & we’re in a Mastermind group together, so there’s that.  (And she just WRAPPED A MOVIE)!  Online peeps, pray for me.  I want IRL (in real life) support yes, but more than that, I need it.  And right now, all I’ve got is “but this,” and “but that,” opposition, nay-sayers & energy-drainers.

There comes  a point when big dreaming, passionate people like myself have to believe in the visions and the dreams they have….when they’ve got to jump off that proverbial cliff believing they’ve got the skills and talent and with the Lord’s help will make those dreams a reality.

That time is now.  Did I mention I’m shaking in my boots?

If you have any skills in branding, web design, writing or are un-naturally wealthy and want to consider investing in my vision email me at gbiskie at gmail dot com.  I’d love to share my vision with you as it develops.  And for the rest of you, more info coming soon.

Come Alive Quote

As soon as I finished up this post, I was hit with some hard news.  Opposition is real.  Prayers appreciated while I COME ALIVE.



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