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Dear Over Sharing Mama,

I feel you.  Sometimes, I confess, I over share because I feel woefully inadequate as a Mama.  At least I think that’s why underneath it all. I upload copious amounts of instagrams appropriately hashtagged #momlife. Yet, as to motive, I’m in deliberations about all this.  Hear me out.

One time I tweeted, “I love my sons!”  I felt so embarrassed afterwards.  Oh crap, I thought.  People are going to see right through this. I realized I wanted people to think that I think I’m a good Mama, and just maybe if I think that you thought I was, I would be. Maybe you’d be gullible enough to believe copious kid pics make me a good enough Mama.  Don’t drink the #InstaMagic.

Again, underneath it all.  Because underneath it all is where all fear that we’re not good enough Mama’s lives isn’t it?  Underneath it all, is where it gets it wings.  Underneath it all, is where there’s no truth swirling around to remind me of my normalcy.

Do you ever take things your mother implies about your parenting ridiculously personally?  Do you feel your spouse is blaming you even when he may not be?  Or is it home-schooling blogs that you push you over the edge?

Come read the rest?  Sharing today over at A Deeper Story.








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